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Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 4:00, Sat 7:00-12:00
What is your return policy?
We sell only new items, and warrant them in accordance. We realize the need to actually see and handle an item to know if it is acceptable. Therefore, you may return any item to us within 30 days, new or used.
How are your Seeds Packed?
We carry a large selection of vegetable seeds. They come in one pound cans and half-pound cans. We also have little packages for seeds. These are vegetable, fruit, and flowering seeds that come in a variety of sizes. Call us for anymore questions, we will be glad to help.
How do you Calculate Shipping?
Just place the items in your shopping cart and use our estimator! Choose Standard Ground Delivery to save transit time. Of course, you can choose Next Day or Second Day Shipping if you need your items faster. Use the shipping estimator on the cart web page to cost-compare and see express shipping rates, or call for more details
Who are your Customers?
Anyone who wants to purchase affordable supplies for their nursery or farms.
How will you Deliver Large Orders?
Large orders, or a combination of items which may exceed the size and weight requirements of our ground carrier must be shipped by private motor freight/common carrier. Standard shipping charges will not apply; NPK Plus will contact you with delivery rates for your order BEFORE it ships and BEFORE you are charged. Call for more information.
Do we Have to Sign Up?
No, we understand that a lot of you our busy sometimes. Guest are allowed to purchase if they'd like.

Accordion Style

We import our sphagnum moss from Peru. We carry a variety of sizes and grades of the sphagnum moss. The lowest grade we carry is 2A+ and the highest grade we carry is 4A. Sphagnum moss has many uses in the agricultural industry. Also used with a wide variety of amphibians and reptiles.
Yes, the minimum order we accept for delivery is $250 dollars. However, if we have multiple deliveries on day you wish to have something delivered. We will be more than glad to drop off any order you wish to place.
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We make local deliveries three days a week. These deliveries fall on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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